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If you mean what I think by a service body, they're

normally made by smallish fabrication shops found in

most major metro areas. A used one that would readily

adapt to your truck could come from other non-Datsun

brands of small trucks with the same bed dimensions. If

you can do a few mods like drilling new/additional holes

and sourcing some washers and rubber mounts, I believe

you'd find semi-standardized dimensions among Ford,

Mazda, Toyota and GM aft of the cab. Campers, boxes

and commercials are a big part of the truck market in

which semi-unique bodies come from aftermarket shops

making only dozens at a time. Shop with tape measure.

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I am lookling at buying a 78 620 kc here in Lake Havasu. It has a SERVIS body on it along with an over head rack. I already have a standard bed that I want to replace it with. If I knew that I already had a buyer for the bed it would make it alot easier for me to justify buying a 6th datsun truck. It's a long drive to come get it but the bed is in nice shape and the current owner claims to have all the keys.

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