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truck dies loses all power


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this happens to me once in a while and it happened today on the way to work. the engine dies and i lose all power "lights,heater ect". i turn the key off and when i turn the key back on it starts right back up with everything working


it doesn't stay dead long enough to trouble shoot. i have a new fuse box and all my wires are tight and clean. might it be my ignition switch?


any ideas or has this ever happened to you?

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my battery cable did this. well really it was a dirty terminal on the battery. The fucker was on there tight.

then ck the power wire to fuse box and the fuseable link by the start area.

CORROSSION!!!!!!!!!! this happened to my 521 2 or 3 times.


all was fuse box or battery cable related.


your lights will stay ON even if ignition switch was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


put lights to ON when this happens again. then wiggle the wires around then when lights come ON youll know where the voltage drop is(loose connection)



i would ck the fuses just to make sure clean contacks, but you said it was new.

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car will run if a cable is removed but once you put a load on there it will die. I heard this is not good to do. My 510 I removed the cable and it would run with evrything off.ut lights on it would die. It was just ot make sure the alt worked but now ai use a meter.


just clean the batter terminals or get new cables and ck the main power wire to the fuse box. My 521 has a whit wire I believe that goes to the battery also.

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