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Bluebie meets Godzilla


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We took my '67 RL411 (SSS) on a vintage car rally through the hills of Norcal this weekend. It was a 10 hour round trip in all, surrounded by all kinds of cool old cars like Alphas, Cortinas, Volvos, 911s etc etc.


At one point coming off the freeway we got stuck behind 2 older gentlemen in a slow moving Austin Healey 3000 for about 10 minutes, and 3 of us got cut off from our group of "spirited" drivers (Including a 240z and a Dime). When we finally got around the old chaps I set out to see if I could catch back up to the Alphas. We were doing pretty good for a while but I felt sorry for the Carrera and the 916 that were stuck behind ME. So I pulled over and let them pass, and believe it or not....


...the little Datsun was able to hang with them!:blink:


Sure, the wife got a little pissed and car sick, but I was still in their mirrors when we eventually caught back up with the group. The 916 driver said he was stunned, it was comical to see the Datto in his mirrors leaning over on it's side with it's tail hanging out on the corners, and wanted to know what the heck was under the hood.


Factory R16 baby. Does 4000-6000rpm all day long. :cool:


After lunch while sitting at a stoplight near Livermore, a Nissan Skyline GT-R (aka Godzilla) pulls up next to us in Bluebie, rolls down his window, gives me a thumbs up and yells "Nice car!". :D


It was a surreal juxtaposition; One of Nissan's earliest high performance sedans alongside one of their latest. 40 plus and WORLDS apart. Unfortunately the light turned green and I did not get a shot of him before I blew his doors off (ha-ha-ha, yeah right) but the driver of the Sunbeam behind us said seeing us side by side with our thumbs up was one of the coolest things he had seen.


A few people posted pics of the rest of the weekend, total eye candy for car lovers. :love:









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