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LS1 240z and restore

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I picked up an s13 in 2005 to build for drifting. Finished that in 2008, drove it for a week, then it broke. Out of nowhere. Over the year its been sitting in the garage, I've lost complete interest in drifting and subsequently, that car.

During the time I was building the 240sx, I picked up my first Z. A '77 280. It was love at first test drive. Ever since then I've wanted to build a Z and enter it in SCCA or NASA races. Back in March or May, I picked up two '72 240z's and an LS1. I started buying up all the parts I'll need to swap it in. I've bought almost $10,000 in parts for the build. I've priced the build out to a little over $25,000 but I expect that number to rise. But I lost my job in July, so the build is on hold :( . I also need to sell the s13 and finish the brakes on the 280.

Then the 240z is going into the garage and I'm going to build a rotisserie. Then time for tear down, rust repair, and paint. The car is in decent shape. Lots of the rust has been taken care of but whoever did the work went crazy with the bondo. For the suspension, I'm either going to piece together my own coilovers or go the route ayuaddict (Shakotan Z) did and use coilovers from an integra. I cant wait to get started!


its the red one thats getting all the love



only 700 miles on this motor



17x9 -13 Rota RBR



17x9.5 -19









OEM Nissan fender mirrors :)



this is the paint I picked up for it. Should go well with gloss black bumpers, air dam, flares, and rear spoiler


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stuff worth mentioning:

stock bottom end SR

2871R at 14psi

welded diff

every suspension component replaced with battle version stuff and new factory LCAs

walbro 255

SPL tie rods

peak performance and nismo mounts

Z32 and Q45 (suppose to be temporary) brakes






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So I havent visited here in awhile. I figure I'll go ahead and update this. I haven't been able to get the car painted or anything yet. I'm not sure if I want to do that last and do the motor work, or get it painted before motor work. Being able to drive the car to the body vs having to tow it, hmm.


S13 Stance GR+Pro's. I really liked the Stance's I had on the S13 so I'm gonna use them again.



TechnoToyTuning suspension arms



Fiberglass hood and hatch from Beta Motorsports




Wilwood brakes from Arizona Z Car



Picked up a new box as well



Just ordered a fiberglass dash from PDK Fabrication. My dash looks like the grand canyon, and its so bad it wont let the dash cap I got to sit flush.



And this is how it sits right now. Its completely dissembled and just waiting on coilover adapters from a vendor on HybridZ to install the S13 coilovers. Hopefully I'll be able to pull the motor in the next couple of weeks, and get the LS1 in for a test fit.



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Looks like a nice project for you. I have a PDK dash. Mark did the install of my cage and dash. You'll like it. Looks like you hit up John at Beta also.

I have one billet oil cap left for that motor if you want to take a look at it let me know and I'll get some pic's of it.

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I'll pass on the oil cap, thanks though. i cant wait to get this dash in! i've heard great things about it. how do you like yours?


It's great. But mine is not a street driven car.

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