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Stop Heater Valve Leak

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I also used a Acura one but you need to modify arm a little ,,really cheap 20 bucks at Napa.

Any part numbers and pictures of it done?

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Here it is 5/8 used a clamp to mount and we made stock cables work 91 integra maybe ?Had to file stock arm or dremel to fit Acura valve really want one with arm on it , the truth is out there .dog thief ! DSCF5228.jpgDSCF5229.jpg

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Here's two options I found at work (oreilly).


Murray brand p/n 74624


Found in 93 Honda civic. Has 2 mounting screws built in to which you could mount a bracket.




And heres another, Murray p/n 74644

Identical to above, except that the lever is mounted on the other side. Not sure which might be optimal.


Found in 99 Toyota Tacoma.



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My 620 is steel, corroded and No Longer Available.
I found one that is almost the same from anothe car.
I will know if it is correct when they get here in a few weeks.
L shaped, cable control, pull to close.


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One of the 720s ises a plastic 'in line' control valve. The hoses are stiff enough to hold it still for the pull cable...



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That link is no good. I paid for one a month or so ago and they reimbursed  me. I've been waiting on these for well over a month, so now I don't need one.
I got chewed out for putting the link above up because someone thought I was making a duplicate post. 
It had nothing to do with the other post so fuck it..........

Edited by Goemon
I fucking wanted to

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