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I have an L16 in my 72 620. she smokes at high rpms leaks oil,needs a rebuild.What i want to know is,when i rebuild it what stock goodies should i put in it? what pistons can i use? i'm gonna bore it for sure.right now i've got a weber w/non smog intake and it seems to have a cam,i've gotten the speedo to the P on the mph,she still runs strong but i wanna freshen her up a bit.ANY replys will be repped.

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Well overbore to 85mm and good used L18 pistons with 4.36 cc dish can be used. These will also up the compression slightly. In fact it would raise it enough to use a larger combustion chamber U-67 head and still have 8.4 compression. The U-67 has much larger valves, a matching square port exhaust and an L20B cam which is basically the same as the L16 SSS cam.

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Honestly,I wouldnt bother rebuilding a L16. For the money it will cost in parts and machine work you could easily find a decent L20b and have tons more power. Or you could find a shitty old L20b or L18 for dirt cheap and rebuild that. The L16 is ok since it revs very high but the power is limited. The torque sucks and at 6k you barely get the power an L20b has at around 3 or 4k. The L20b is not exactly a monster full of power but compared to the L16 its a v8.:D But if you just gotta do it you can use flat top pistons from a 6 cyl.(forgot which one). If you dont use flat tops or L18 pistons I wouldnt use an open chamber head since it will drop the compression a lot. I have an open chamber head ported with a medium cam on a rebuilt L16 and it sucks. A 210 open head makes good comp but the valves,ports and cam are way too small. My 2 cents.

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