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This POST is more appropriate here...admins, please delete the other - THX



Hey Guy/Gals...I'm a new guy here to this forum. I've been surfing this site for about a week now and this is by far the most comprehensive site for Datsun enthusiasts.


I have owned several 1970-71 Z cars in the past and just picked up a pretty damn nice 1976 Datsun 620 with the L18 and a 5 speed conversion out of a 240z. The motor is a fairly fresh rebuild with around 30k on it.


I also picked up a fresh rebuilt slightly modified L18 with the A87 Peanut head which is port and polished, mild CAM (dont have specs handy), weber 32/36 (soon to be sidedraft 44's) header, and flat top pistons.


I'm getting the truck resprayed a solid color...not big on the flame job on it now. I will post pics when I take delivery on Tuesday. The truck is laser straight with no rust and slightly customized i.e. no hooks, lowered, debadged etc.


I am a member of several forums so don't expect stupid questions etc. I am looking forward to contributing and learning much...

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Glad you posted man. I have the rear chrome bumpers like you do on your rig and they are in excellent condition. They are not on because they get in the way of the dual exhaust coming out the back. I may change that setup now. Pics will be up next week.

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