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I have no idea what I am doing!

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So I am getting redy to really hit my 620 and get this project rolling! first of all, I need to raise the front a bit (yes, RAISE!) which way do I crank the torsion bars, and how do I crank them? Also, somebody on here sells front disc brake caliper brackets...do these allow me to use stock rotors and calipers, do I have to machine my spindles, or is this a direct swap? thanks guys and gals! And yes, when I get rolling I will be posting pics on my own thread.

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Raise the front end so you don't have to lift the weight of the truck as well. Go to the back of the torsion bar just on either side of the tranny tailstock. The threaded part of the anchor bolt has two nuts jammed together to hold the setting. Back off the top one and tighten the bottom one down to raise the front up. Adjust both sides then lower the truck often to check. Tighten the nuts against each other when done.


The more you raise or lower from the proper stock location the more it will be out of camber alignment.

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