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cool truck man, i like not being noob on the block. any pics of the inside?





all i got for now... and btw that sticker says: 40 isnt old, if your a tree.

ive got 20 years until that sticker is applicable. hopefully il still have the truck.. but hey who ever wants the bumper can come to Minnesota and take it....for free. in fact il give you a dollar to take it.




also one more thing.. i plan on lowering it...i dont mean sitting ont he ground like some of you have it..i wanna close the wheel gap and thats about it. for future refrence

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you keeping the caps on the wheels? the truck is awesome man! cant wait to see the finished ride.

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Guest kamakazi620

PAINT on rust spots??? whats wrong with you?? RUST is a MUST besides nothing beats the classic look of RUST!!

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you know... honestly.. i was like EEWWWW SO MUCH RUST..then i met you guys.. you guys make rust seem cool... now i wear the rust like a badge. a badge of honor. a badge that says hey world. my truck is old as fuck. and yes. its a datsun. suck it.

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my truck is old as fuck. and yes. its a datsun. suck it.




hahhaha hell yeah thats the attitude to have


6x5.5 is the bolt circle, i got these for my dads 620... cheap and made the truck look great but we still need to get the front pair









all i have till i get the front pair orderd



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