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Parting Out: 75 620 Long-Bed

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A friend gave me this thing to change his oil, and I have no need for it. Too many projects around here as it is.



-4 speed

-standard cab

-long bed.

-Dash is hammered, but gauges are fine

-Most of the sheet metal is fairly decent. Bed's got a couple boo-boos, hood's got a crease, the fenders aren't perfect, but definitely not hosed. Heavy bumper, passenger door fine/driver door has rust, tailgate is fine..

-Just ask


All I want are the motor mounts. I'd rather someone else put these parts to good use, as I don't have room for any more Datsun goods in my shop. Let me know what you want.


does it have front disc brakes ? want to convert my '72

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does it have front disc brakes ? want to convert my '72


Disc brakes weren't available until '78 and will not 'bolt on' to earlier 620s. Go to the home page and look under General Discussion and find the **DATSUN FAQ** and read all of it. You will find several kits for converting to front disc. Learn all you can about your 620.

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I still have alot of this stuff. Anyone looking for 75 620 parts?



-Heater box

-Front bumper

-Windows(side and rear sliding)

-Wiring Harness

-Steering wheel

-Front Valance(dented, but repairable)


-Heating ducts

-Hood release + cable

-Fuel door


-Windshield wipers

-Wiper Motor


-E-brake Lever

-Complete driveshaft(2 piece): Carrier bearing needs replacing.

-Door trim(Aluminum kick panels, inner window chrome/squeegees, black trim that runs completely around the cab..)

-Various switches/relays..

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