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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!


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^^^^^ Nice wagon!!

Gonna stagger the mags with 15x7's up front?


I had 15x8.5s all around. front tires were 225/60s but I traded the truck, kept the rims


Sorry, I thought I answered your question lol

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You will just have to surf classifieds. They aren't manufactured in 6 lug anymore, so you are searching for used rims. Craigslist and eBay are good starts, you can put up a want ad here and in other truck forums.

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Slotted Mags will never die!!!!  I'm getting ready tom purchase 14x9's and 14x7's should look Bitchin' with my full flare and spoiler kit.  Plus also lowered 4" all the way around.  Love Ol' Skool................

I would love to find some 14x9 or 10 slotted mags!!!

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k5 steelies





anyone know if these would fit on a 320 and done it before?


are K5's abundant enough in the US that a set of these would be easy to track down and get shipped to AUS?


love the look


it's about $100 - $250 per rim to get a similar stock rim widened here in aus


i don't think anything AUS delivered would have such ambitious dish

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as of 11 am today I finally have something to contribute to this thread!


15x10 -54 Enkei EK20's they're really rough and I plan on doing a complete restoration on them (straighten lips, polish everything, new hardware) and then maybe they go on Eve with some zg type flares....





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