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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

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Here are my "drive a 521 through the center hole" wheels.   :yawn:



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Still needs more lower. Or bigger rubber.

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Yeah just not sure how to go lower? Saw a 521 on instagram with the same size wheels and 205/50s but they just look too tall IMHO.


I can reindex another notch and get bigger blocks (3 to 4”) in the rear but not sure if that detrimental? Or can I reindex and do 720 4x4 leaf springs in the rear?

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I run 195/65R15 on K5s.


One notch/adjust to the front.

Removed a couple leaf with 3 "blocks in the back.


Rides good for what it is and there is almost no gap/rubbing.

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Change wheels, runs 15x8 rally wheels 



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Excuse me sir but are those 5x100 to match your rear end , also I must do the bed side skirts look so much bedder  , now can you pass the mustard.

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