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1965 Datsun 410 - FOR SALE

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I am looking to sell this sweet 1965 Bluebird 410.

It runs great, starts up no problem, shifts, steers, and stops like a dream.


With a little love and know-how, this car could be beautifully restored.


Known issues:

  • Begins to struggle after driving a while (I think it just needs a fuelfilter change)
  • After car has not been driven for a while, first instance of using the breaks causes a screeching sound. Then all subsequent breaking is fine and normal. Dont know what this is, but it cant be major, I just had the breaks overhauled 1.5 years ago.
  • One tail light is out.
  • Horn does not work.
  • Driver's seat needs to be re-welded. It slumps back a little bit.
  • Upholstery is ragged in some places.
  • Odometer and gas gauge don't work.


Other than that stuff this car is in sweet condition.

I am asking $3,500 for her.


My name is Lee, I live in Portland, OR. Contact me here: lritter@gmail.com



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