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WTT 620 Auto for 5spd

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Im swapping out the auto in my 79 kc for a 5spd.

Cmmon you 5 speed owners you know your sick of shifting and all that spilt pop and coffee from trying to shift while talking on your cell phone. You know your ready for the Big Pimpin status of an automatic :cool:


Hey a guys got to try right. The auto will be for sale after the swap if anyone is interested.

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Just bolt up? Any FS5W71C (KA24E or DE) from (240sx, D21) any FS5W71B (Z20E or S, Z22E or S powered 200sx and A10) and any Z24 720 5spd. Tranny will be tilted and likely wrong length.



To bolt up and align properly: All FS5W71B from 620s, 810/Maxima and 280z/zx, FS5R90A, (280zx) FS5C71A, (240z) FS5C71B (260z) and the FS5W63 from the S10 (200sx) and the optional 5spd. tranny from the A10 (HL510)


For a 620, only the 620, Maxima and 280z/zx FS5W71B will bolt in without modding the drive shaft.





There is a Nissan 4spd automatic with a monster 0.686 overdrive 4th gear. This is way higher than the 280zx's 0.745 fifth gear and can be found with an L bell housing attached.

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You realize, of course, that an Automatic usually is worth $-25.


You never know though, maybe someone just really wants one :lol:


I've been trying to find an 81-83 280z, cause I have the lower rearend gears, but wrecking yards seem to be scarse right now.

Thinking about buying a whole 5spd truck to do the swap.

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