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620: How low can it go without notching chassis?


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New to the forum, Im from melbourne, Australia and picking up my 620 in the next couple of weeks :D


Just have a quick question to start things off.

How low can I go without without notching the frame?

Can anyone supply some pics of their lowered trucks?

The plan is to re-set the leafs in the rear, maybe some lowering blocks and wind the torsion bar down in the front.


As its going to be daily driver, I cant have the 620 off the rear for more than a weekend.


Thanks for your time,



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Hi and welcome to ratsun , you came to the right place for datsun question you may have . when you lower your 620 you will need to unbolt your carrier bearing and cut you a piece of 1" to 1 1/2" square stock as wide as the carrier bearing . Mark where the bolt holes need to be and drill them out , then get some longer bolts to put it back together . A little suggestion while your doing this , once cut and drilled go ahead and shoot a nice coat of paint on it with the old rattle can . I hope I helped with your project and we would love to see pictures of it

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