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Selling my '79 620

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Here's the post: http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/1372916235.html


I'd like to see it go to someone that will/knows how to take care of it. I'd also like to get as much as possible out of it, seeing as I've put three times as much as I'm asking into it. I'm testing the waters CL to see if there's a demand, but if you're an interested ratsuner, I'll listen to reasonable offers.

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IMO, that is a $2000+ truck solid. Don't short sell- that thing is too clean!

you put a lot of work in that truck too- it's basically a brand new truck!!!

(whether people have the money to drop on it is another issue...)

Here in socal, that thing would be snapped up in a minute.

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