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Ancestor of the NL320!!!????


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Dudes what the hell is this?:drool::eek: I don't see it listed on earlydatsun.com


The grill and the railing around the bed are nothing like what I see on the 120 and 220 series trucks. But the grill seems to be what is on the 112 and 113 Bluebird. And the blinkers are right for the 112 and 113 bluebirds.


I can't read spanish well enough, but here is the forum i found it on for those who can maybe shed some light on the subject?







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You could be right Mike, I thought the same thing. But check out the front grill and blinkers of the 112 and 113 bluebirds. And the little badge on the front of the hood. And the size and placement of the side badges and blinkers. Though there does seem to be an extra row of thin openings on two of the 112 and 113 grill photos. Even look at the screw placement for mounting the grills!









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Guest 510kamikazifreak

The hood on the truck seems to have the holes for the hood ornament as the 112 has.

The crank tab on the bumper is the same aswell,As are the rims..

Did blow up the pic a bit here, seems to say Datsun ,:blink:

Mighty kool looking little truck :D

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I've been googling toyota like crazy and can't come up with a single grill or blinker mount like this. I am not saying it can't be a Toyota, but I am going to need to see proof more convincing than the 112 and 113!:D:D


(I think it says 'Datsun' too.)

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I am with you zuum! The more I look the more similarities I find. This thing has to be a Datsun.


Though I did read this tidbit about Toyota:


"The first dealership outside Japan was in America in 1957 an the first plant in Brazil in 1959. An interesting strategy from Toyota ensured that all models were somehow unique to the region where they were produced (they were adapted to the respective market)."


This is in Uruguay. Which is south of Brazil. The timing would be sorta right, though a little late really. Did Nissan do the same thing and make a truck specific to Brazil?

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No clue where I got this, but I did some digging in my reference pics and came up with this. I'm assuming that since it was labeled 1201955 that it's a 1955 model 120.


I zoom in on fisch's pic and I come up with datsun too. Plus......I would not have saved this pic if it was a toyota :) So I guess that makes it definitively datsun!! :)



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Funny how the 1000 in the last pic has 521 hubcaps on it and it came out before the 320. I'm sure they just put on whatever they could find. :)


Sorry I beat you to the punch Charlie :) I've got a print screen program on here that's really sweet.......so I just zoomed in on the pic that was posted here.


It's a pretty cool truck, but I think ...for me.....the appeal is most in how rare it is as opposed to how it looks. I really like that it's left hand drive too! :)

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I just wrote Earlydatsun.com to send him this way and see if he knows anything about it. Plus it let me thank him for his site, which I can't even count the number of times I have visited.


I wonder if Datsun ever set up a factory in Brazil? Totota did, and made country specific vehicles. So it could explaine it if they did.

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No problem Mike, I am real ignorant when it comes to working with graphics. I am slowly learning. Really would like to find a way or software that when you enlarge something it stays clean does not get all grainy looking.


Mike as long as someone gets out the info is all that maters not who beats who.:D

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ck out the rail that looks like a body side molding along the top of the bed rail, look closely, it is actually a tie down rail, neat little idea, wonder why it never carried over? cool find fisch, and very cool little truck, would be cool to have, but my 6 foot 4 inch 248 lbs body would be hard to fit in there..:D

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