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I'm back!!! anyone miss me? by how much?


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Welcome back Makya! Go get that field datto and post some pictures already!:fu: (or steal that dually 620 back from Mike!)

going out there this week. Can't steal it back from Mike, I don't think it's even the same truck any more!!!:eek:


Texass? :lol:


There has to be a story there. Good to see your still hangin'.


It's a very long story, so i'll try to condense it. When we got back from the trip where we took the dually to mike, the remodeling jobs I had lined up had all cancelled sue to the economy. the Info. I was given was that the state of Ca. expects unemployment to hit 18% before it gets better(it was over 12% when we left), I couldn't find work and went broke, so we left and went to Tx.


2eDeYe;204771'']Welcome back or whatevah :D

no need to be a hater:fu:


I missed seeing pics of your 4x. I liked that truck.:D Do you still have it?

Still have the 4x, I'm hoping to get it to Tx around the end of the year.


hi, i missed you. welcome back.



Hi Perry,


Welcome back! I will be debuting the dually in 10 days at the Parker run. Do You know what it now looks like???? Its a "little" different!! Take care, Mike


I need to find the recent pictures, Josh will get a kick out of it!:D


Welcome Back. :)


Payed your debt to society eh? :D


Dude, I keep telling you, they'll never catch me!!!

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I'm about 1-1/2 hours north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The Metroplex is definitely it's own little world compared to the rest of Tx. They have a Medieval Times also:D I haven't gone yet, but will soon. http://www.medievaltimes.com/findcastles/dallas/


I'm doing construction still, Updating/restoring a building constructed in the early 1800's that houses a pharmacy downstairs and has a living quarters upstairs. I'm working for someone else right now, but with the market out here, I should be on my own within about 3 months at the rate projects are lining up. Eventually I'd like to set up my own woodworking/moulding shop, which I think is possible within a few years.

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2eDeYe' date='18 September 2009 - 12:18 PM' timestamp='1253301506' post='202522']

Now I'm officially a hater :D

no need to be a hater anymore.



we moved :(






















into town, to a house we bought for $18,000 :lol:








btw, I'm back again. what's Happenin' Captain?

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i heard houses in texas were cheap too, and have seen a few. problem is wages are lower there? Either way. Would be great to work here, pay for a house there, then move there in 10 years when paid off and take it easy :thumbup: (you know, like mexicans do, only we would be keeping the money in the US :rofl:)

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(you know, like mexicans do, only we would be keeping the money in the US :rofl:)


It depends on where you live. we're up in N. texas where there isn't a large population so it's cheaper. I'm making about $30/hr as a contractor, and I was making about $15/hr as a carpenter. In the cities, the wages really aren't much different than Ca. It's definitely made me think about commuting the 1-1/2 hours to Dallas.

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I don't know you, but I'm pleased to meet you. I say we need to start ratsun events in this area for the eastern Texas and Louisiana guys. oh and check this out...



I just bought 2 620s. Wife would never let me spend that much or buy a third.

I know you're new to the Texas thing, but I think the rule is after 6 months, you become an official Texan and are required to make fun of California and all lesser states. I'm about 6.5 hours from you so we're not exactly neighbors, but I get excited when I see Datsun fans that aren't on the west coast.

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