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ka install help!


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hows it goin guys! im literally about to put my ka24e in my engine bay and i was wondering should the motor sit at an angle? reason why i am asking is cuz we bolted the x member 2 the motor to modify the mounts accordingly and can see that one side of the oil pan (driver side) is lower than the other. and should the motor be 90 degrees to the firewall? also, im welding up the holes on the firewall and wanted 2 know if anyone had pics of there firewall where they ran there throttle cable through.(so i can keep any needed holes. thanks alot!:D

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When I did my swap I made sure the intake was flat which make the oil pan pretty flat also the single slammer ka sits with little to no angle at all really them I made my own motor mounts to set the engine back towards the fire wall so I had lots of room for radiator electric fan etc etc. I used a 240sx throttle cable and a modifyed 720/510 throttle pedal and drilled 2 holes. Right next to where the stock throttle linkage went through the firewall so I could bolt on the 240 cable. Hope that helps some.

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