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my buddy picked up a 720


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its a 86 an has a z24s he got it with a blown head, so we're replacing the head an gasket an timing stuff ect. it did run an drive when he got it tho so im sure it'll be fine when we get it back together.. anyway i couldnt take many pics cause all i had was my phone but here ya go








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ok so we got the timing chain an everything on, the guides were broken so its got a whole new timing set.. the marks on the gears are spot on with the silver links on the chain, and the rotor points at cylinder #1 intake plug on the dizzy cap w/ engine at TDC on compression stroke.. the bastards that sold him the kit didnt include the timing cover or oil pump gaskets so we had to use rtv, i used black.. i didnt really like doin it but i used as little as i could so hopefully it does the trick.. we got the intake and exhaust mani's on also oh an i had to use rtv for the water pump too :( so again, hopefully it holds.. when i got my gasket kit i got gaskets for the whole engine.. they seriously fucked him on alot of stuff lol.. tomorrow afternoon we should have it fired up! im gonna go over all the bolts again tomorrow an double check to make sure everythings tight.

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