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Need wiring harness for 1972 521

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J series will be different. J series have the ignition coil on the cowl, by the windshield. L series have the ignition coil on the left inner fender, close to the front of the truck.

so all a person needs to do is lengthen the coil wire to make it work ??


and Thanks Dan,

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I worked on a J series 520 and there wasnt a hot start wire but the RUN with Key On wire was all that was needed.

I dont think there is a ballast resistor either so hopfully you still got the stock coil as I dont know the ohm reading as they one I worked on the guy put a Blaster 2coil and I replaced it with a stock 510 and added a ballast to be safe.Keeps bunts from burning up


Yes you can route the wire back

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