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my 620

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hey guys, im new to the forum here and i thought i'd introduce myself. i just purchased a really rough 1978 datsun 620. i have since replaced most of the back half of the frame (still in progress) and am trying to find a new box for it. my plans are to make it a daily driver/ drag truck. im deciding between an sr20det motor, a mazda 13b, and a v8.. has anyone put a 13b into a 620? i might put it on bags and im debating chopping the top. between my father and i we have lots of mechanical experience, but is chopping the top too big a task? what about trying to install a 13b motor? im leaning away from the v8 because i want to keep the japanese/import theme. sorry for all the questions but thanks for the future input:)

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Sounds like a nice project, keep Nissan if you can.:D


And there are a few chop top guys around the forum here that might have advise for you.


Where are you located, fill out your profile info. There is an already chopped truck on the Portland craigslist. Might be easier to swap a cab.

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Complete your profile with your location and vehicle type and year.


Maybe a Titan V8 to keep the Japanese/import theme.


Don't waste time blowing the L motor up. It's possible but they are tough. SR20DETs would be better suited to a 510 or light car not a heavier truck. Maybe a VG30i or E? It would have close to same power but way better low RPM torque to move a truck. They are cheap, indestructible and parts are everywhere.

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haha yeah, one of my good friend's dad owns a really amazing body shop, so i cant get my hands on a new box i am going to see what he can do with the one i have:D so how hard is it to put these trucks on bags? and how much does it cost, just a ballpark price? because if i am going to be notching the frame, i figure i might as well do it before i rebuild the whole thing.

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