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620 motor swap question


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I have a question about a motor swap that I am wanting to do in one of my 620's. I recently came across an 84 datsun/nissan 300zx for next to nothing. The unibody is bent really bad on the car so its not worth saving but the motor and trans only have 116,xxx on them and they are in really good shape.


I was wondering if anybody had done this swap already? If so, what kind of trouble am I getting myself into? Is there anything that im gonna have to watch out for fitment wise? I know that this isnt gonna just bolt up or anything but I'm sure that it will fit. I mean i've got a 350/700r4 in my bagged and body dropped 78 KC so im sure that its possible.


Just wondering if anybody had any advice.

I already did a search and couldn't find anything so if there is already a thread about it somewhere if someone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.


Oh, and is the 3.0 V6 with a 5speed.



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the vg30 also came in newer d21 trucks, the frame rails were the same as KA24 trucks... lots of guys doing that conversion SO, its fairly straight forward. You will probably have to do some custom motor mounts and trans mount, and the oil pan could be an issue, BUT theres a company called Experimental Engineering that makes parts to swap this motor into a 510, SOME of these parts may also work for the 620. Good luck

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I too am looking at doing this swap, but i will be using an automatic.


The measuring that i have done. You have to cut the hell out of the firewall to get that intake manifold to fit in the 620 or 510. This might remedied by the use of a 200sx manifold or a Later pathfinder/d21 manifold. The 200sx manifold works really well for the 510 guys and the Pathfinder manifold also can be made to work in the 510 if they machine it a little shorter. Now, i beleive that the 620 has just a little bit more hood clearancethan the 510, so the machining of the Pathfinder manifold might not be necessary. The Pathfinder manifold is the route that i plan to use if it will fit without machining, otherwise i will find a 200sx.


A stock rear sump pan might go right in without a problem, cross your fingers.


Almost all of the different VG30 cars/trucks used a different style exhaust manifold, leaving us with lots of different options to try. Or some of them used a nice manifold that looks like a header under all of the heat shields. You might be able to rework those a little for a very nice fit too.




OHHHH, and we want lots of pics if you start this project. I have a pic of the cut to hell firewall for a 300zx manifold that i will try to post later.

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Get the VG rear end (H-233) it's bigger than the Ford 9". Look for the Sports Package equipped model. Look on the engine tag below the pass side hood hinge, the rear ratio will be stamped there on the lower right. (H) G is for the H-233 and 46 is for the 4.625 ratio.




If it has a 4.625 ratio then look on the back of the diff for this orange tag identifying it as having an LSD in it:



(may also just say LSD)


Now look for the early WD-21 Pathfinder with optional rear disc brakes. You can't use the Pathfinder rear axle assy because it uses coil springs. Swap these axles into the Hardbody rear end and you have 4.625 LSD with rear disc brakes. The Pathfinder also has a 4.375 LSD maybe the D-21 does too?

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