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dammit....... as if some of the parts i'm trying to find weren't already hard enough to get, now i've gotta add that twin cam head to the list :)


naw, you'll never get one.


CA18DE, SR20DE, KA24DE ... just swap one in and you've got fuel injection too :blink:

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For all that work, why don't you just put the KA head on the L series (with some machining ;) ) Then you'd have a shorter stroke high winding motor with the KA's nice ports.


And the best part?

You can actually find parts for them.


Or the MB M111 head fits too.

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I think I'm taking a different perspective on this. I'd give my left pinky finger willingly to own one of these heads. Maybe even both pinky fingers! The OS Giken twin cam represents a turn in history. Its also a testament to the innovation and skill of these car enthusiasts who wanted more and had the follow-thru to make it real. The LZ is, in a word, awesome. Fuckthat "put it in a showcase" stuff. I'd give it justice. Mount that bastid on a fresh bottom end and stuff the works in a worthy shell. DRIVE IT! Thats what it was made for. Not talking as a DD, but special events - yes. Flex it every now and again - hells yes.


This is probably our Holy Grail. Our arch of the convenant. Our Unicorn.



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Doood, It'd look damn sexy in my '59! It has such al Ol skool vibe, with those big nuts on top! Like a flat head 4 cyl Ford.


Someone send me one!:D


The Nisan:



The Ford:


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