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Stuck Lifter?


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Ok I am not super familiar with valve train issues. Ever since I have had my turbo engine in my Z it has made lifter noise (loud and obvious ticking) sometimes right after starting if it has been sitting for a long while. It used to go away and was no big deal. Well now it is making a less obvious ticking noise while driving, usually for only the first 10 minutes or so of driving, and is only really audible under load. If I gun it and get on boost, it makes a terrible squeeling noise, as if air from the turbo is leaking out somewhere or something. As soon as the ticking noise goes away, everything is back to normal. No squeeling noise, just normal boost noises. Of course this is all after trying non synthetic oil for the first time in the engine (since I have owned it anyhow) not sure if the two are related. Any ideas?

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Yes I have the p90a head. It has hydraulic lifters. The weirdest thing is the strange noise under boost! I can't wrap my head around it. Hmmm. Hey Adam, what do you recommend for flushing the engine? Is this what people use seafoam for? I've never had to do anything like that.

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Hydraulic lifters when worn will often tap slightly until the oil pressure comes up after starting. If it is a lifter noise it will make it weather you are boosting or not. A noise that is louder when at heavy throttle sounds more like a small exhaust gasket leak.


Squealing noise: Check ALL fan belts for tightness... yes they will squeal if loose, damaged/worn or 'glazed'.


Dump that synthetic oil out and run whatever Nissan recommends. Synthetic is fine in newer close tolerance engines of today and maybe in freshly rebuilt older design L28ET motors. Synthetic is a superior lubricant but I find it 'thinner' than reg oil. Try a heavier weight oil to boost the pressure some.

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It's definately not the fan belts. It's some bizarre noise, sounds like air rushing by a small orifice rapidly. It goes away completely when the lifter noise goes away. Oh and I was saying that this new phenomenon has occured since my last oil change was with regular oil. I usually use synthetic mobil 1 and thought I would try something different. Pretty sure I will go back to mobil 1 despite your advice. The type of oil could have nothign to do with it. I was also thinking I could have two entirely different problems. I could have a slight exhaust manifold leak, but I don't know why the noise from something like that would go away. We'll see.

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