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Disc brakes on a kingpin truck!


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I havent been able to find a good booster in a yard (havent been looking too hard other than that) and theyre not quite cheap for a new/reman unit. Also I may be running sidedrafts and it would be nice to have something a little smaller in there.


I checked out the local pick a part today and popped the hood on every model datsun/nissan they had. Z car is too big, regardless of year, early stanza might work, but looks about the same size as the stock 620 (might be a bolt in replacement???) and the 720s and hardbodys both have the big ones also. They had no RWD cars other than the Zs... Im liking the looks of finelines B210??? master. Lotsa room and it looks clean.


If I hadnt stumbled on the 300zx brakes I was thinking on going GM spindles up front and a 10bolt S10 rear in the back (cheap posi and decent gears) and I was just going to swap over the GM master and stuff. Theres a lot more options for domestic crap and I was thinking the biggest bore master I could find off of a 1 ton truck or something and no booster. It would be one less thing to go wrong.

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how much am i looking at for a complete conversion kit for a 521?

Im already a little over $600 into my z32 disk brake swap for my 521. Ive got the brackets and just ordered calipets, pads, rotors, hoses, master cylinder. Still have to get brake lines and a few other things. But of coarse I could end up putting more money into. Cant really tell how much till you add it all up when its all done and working properly.

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