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What have you done to your 1200 lately


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My 1200 is back on its own 4 wheels for the first time in several years. Prepping for it being towed up to my house. Didn't realize how much the KA would bring the nose down. 

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So beautiful... But all I can think about are the dirty things I would do to it...   :rofl:




Not much done last few months.  Rear  pop up rear windows seal, rear windshield  seal and white wall tires added for now.

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Thank You All,

It is so tempting, isn't it?

I had those dirty thoughts too.

I am trying to grab the one on here, to have those daytime Dirty dreams on that one :devil: , It is the perfect candidate for that.

But it is been so hard to have a hold on goes2fast, I have a feeling I am not going to get it. 

HELP PLEASE!!! I really need that Coupe to release all those dirty dreams  :rofl:

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Had an over revving problem, top piston ring broke and worked it's way out the top of the piston, bounced around in the cylinder, messed-up the head and worked it's way the exhaust valve- so much for a heart shaped stock cylinder head.At first it sounded like a rod knock, until the next morning it started right up with no noise but definitely a blue cloud covered the track.



Replaced with another A12, flat top 74mm pistons, header, H89 cylinder head and 42mm SU carbs. AND Delta reground camshaft 265 grind. Had to relocated brake reservoir for air cleaner clearance.

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I have looked for one of these for over 8 years, a H145 Limited Slip 3rd member. This one has 3:90 gear set. It's going into Smurf.




I am glad Photobucket is working again!

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Nothing real special, just made some cheapo floor tray/wall covers.

Started with it looking like this.


Cut out some masonite (fiberboard).




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Finally got rear quarter panels cut and welded. Installed fender flares that I bought from Classic Datsun  5 years ago!


Rear spoiler I picked-up from Canby meet last year.


 I like the look of Smurf without the bumper and I tucked the front turn signals- make the front look a bit cleaner??


Sold a bunch of wheels, to buy these new 3 piece wheels 13x8.5, tires Toyo 888's 225/45-13

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That looks awesome, another 1200 sans bumpers(well, except for the one pic that has a rear one installed).  Wheels and flares.....10,000 points.

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