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mklotz70 RNL320(Melvin)


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So 1200guy sends me these pics out of the blue....asking if I'm interested in another NL. Gee, it already has the roadster motor in it, so I'm intrigued. Here's what he sent me :)















I went over to Washougal yesterday to look at it with him. I drove the NL to view the NL :) We looked at it, then spent an hour and a half waiting for the owner to get back. We chatted with the guys in the shop next door for most of that. Great guys. Anyway....


Turns out that this guy bought the NL in '66 when it was a year old. He did the roadster eng swap about a year after than because the trans crapped out. I've since found out that it's actually a R16 out of an RL411. I should be able to copy this setup for a good start on the eng swap in my other NL. So, Mel, then spent the next 20 years driving this rig. At one point, the body got sliced open like a tin can by a hay truck...something like that...anyway....he swapped the entire body at that point. The glass appeared to be perfect, the tail light surrounds are decent. We struck a deal, picked a time I could come back and get it.


I loaded up for bear, picked up Dave(a100addict), pulled the money, rented the tow dolly. I'm about to fall over, so I'll get to posting pics. :)











































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Thanks guys!


I'm still waiting for a vid to upload...then I can go to bed!! :)


If the title comes through...which it should, they didn't question the validity, just needed to make sure that the vin gets put on the new title correctly....anyway....if it comes through, I will be "touching it", but it's certainly not getting restored!! I'll be enhancing it "charm" just a bit. :) After tomorrow.....it's basically going in the back yard until next spring. I really, really need to get Mend done before I mess with this one!!! Althoug....as I do the brake brackets for Mend, I will do a set for the RNL :)

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aahhhh....here we go :)


I took a bunch more vid of trying to get this beast running, but since the camera was pointing toward the grill.....I was afraid that all the vid of my rear would get lynch too excited! :) So, this turned out to be the best one. We basically had to clean up the ignition system a bit. The oil leak turned out to be a split plastic tube going to the oil pressure gauge. I plugged that and when we revved it up the next time.....it sprung a water leak! I'll probably update more in the morning. I have some plans in my head, but at this point, it's a bit up in the air over some confusion on the title's vin#. So...if the title comes back okay, I'll move forward. If it doesn't, I'll have some extra NL parts :)



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That's actually blue shop towels, but it would double for that :)


Why does the dang audio not match with the video?! That still irritates me!! At the end of the vid it should show the big *ss oil puddle being created!!! That's why I say "not good" Oh well.


I wouldn't say that whay I've got planned for it would be considered saving it.....but it should be fun!! :)

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Mike - You have to call (name) this new one "Melvin"!:lol: "Project Melvin"


That's the perfect name for your new toy.:thumbsup:


Cool find.

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LOL! Great call on that one Bob! Mel, Melvin it is! :)


....pm'd Redeye to see if he can change it for me :) Hopefully, it will soon read mklotz70 RNL320(Melvin) :)


If/when I register this rig, that would be a cool license, but everyone would assume that's my name. Just like everyone calls BackwoodsDave, Dave...even though his name is Andy. :)

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It's been well over a year since I was driving a wgn :(


The rl411pl320 was just the insurance company's annotation....just thought it was interesting that the had the model the motor came out of. The "P" was used by datsun to denote the "L" series motor....so, I'm not sure why they had that in there.


...hhmmm.....I just realized that there's no mirrors on it now....guess I'll have to dig up one for the driver's side. :)

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Great score Mike,


Is there any difference in a 63 body and a 65 body?


I hope you match the seats and headliner to the door panels, the plaid flannel is really sexy!!!


http://www.crazyforbargains.com/bigfepjsblan.html?utm_source=bigfepjsblan&utm_medium=shopping%2Bengine&utm_campaign=bizrate :eek::lol::lol::lol:


His & hers matching Ratsun meet attire!


Keep the fog lamps and the fender mounted turn signals. :cool:


Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. Please finish Mend first.



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