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I want a Datsun and have trade

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I want a Datsun and have this for a trade:


1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition


5 year/100,000 mile warranty acquired from http://www.stoprepairbills.com/

129,000 miles, but it's my daily driver so it will go up

BRAND NEW (2 weeks old) sailcloth soft top w/tinted rear and side windows---tan color. This top is a 2002 model (the good one)

6" suspension lift kit from ProComp (I did not install, but it looks nice)

I recently added a navigation system built into dash but not pictured (It is actually still brand new in the box. I will install it when I have time)

New platinum spark plugs

New brake pads from O'Reilly auto parts

Aftermarket Aqua neoprene seats front and rear (Not covers, brand new replacement seats)

Tires are 33 X 12.5 X 15 with about 8,000 miles tread life


Please make an offer of what you have. I am eager to trade and can drive a fairly far distance to trade as long as it's a weekend and your car can get me back home because I will drive it back.


I have a preference for Right Hand Drive, but will listen to all offers. Old Datsun trucks are cool especially.





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I was not looking for anything in particular, and I do not NEED a RHD, but it would be a nice bonus.


I have owned two Datsun/Nissans and I liked both. I had a 1983 280ZX that talked and it was wicked cool. I also had a 1965 Datsun 1600 Roadster that was too cool and it was rather quick for its age. They both had pretty good reliability and I kind of miss it. I would just be happy with a really nice Jap car. I have never had an American car until this Jeep and I do not dislike it, but it just feels weird for me. My FJ40 was a much more comfortable fit. Maybe I'm just not built to own American.

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finding a RHD 240Z (Fairlady Z) isnt easy, much less one you can drive home. Iv only seen a small handful of true RHD Fairlady Z's and the rest are conversions.

The Jeep prob woulnt get you a nice Fairlady Z but it might get you a nice 240Z


you pretty much have 3 options for getting a RHD Fairlady Z in the US...


1. scour the country for someone who is actually willing to give up there project (bring a trailer)

2. import it from JP or AUS ect.

3. do a RHD conversion on an American car (import a RHD front clip)


if you find one you will either...


A. need a good amount of mechanical and metal working skills (and a good budget)


B. very deep pockets (to pay someone with skill)




no matter what a nice RHD Fairlady Z isnt going to be cheap or easy...

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About your comment on the "fit", I have owned a lot of cars, both American and Japanese, and I rent cars weekly due to the type of work I do. It seems that the Japanese had figured out correct ergonomics for cars many decades ago, IE: my 85 RX7 had the best "feel" of any car I've owned. Yet the American designers still can't figure it out, the Mercury Sable I rented last week had really weird pedal-to-steering wheel placement making for an uncomfortable week.

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lol...tooo bad you are so far away. :D I like Jeeps!


I traded my 620......




for this lovely 240z......




and some still cant figure out why lol i mean i can see wanting a z but i could never trade somthing i had worked on for so long

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youv never driven a Z ;)


and some still cant figure out why lol i mean i can see wanting a z but i could never trade somthing i had worked on for so long



lol...I was in love with my Z from the minute I sat in her. :love: That is the only reason I traded my 620 for the Zcar. Don't you remember? I posted a long time ago that I wanted to trade her for a zcar (I was told it would never happen). I would have never let the 620 go unless it was the right thing to do. Check out what I have done to my z car in less than 3 months......She will go way farther and the 620 ever did. ;)


end threadjack....


My appologies tumminello123. Your Jeep is awesome and I hope you get a Zcar!!

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