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1972 510 Green Wagon

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I have been working this project since 2005 when I purchased my wagon. The following photos are what it looked like when I got it.




Well, since then the car was stripped,




and replace a quarter panel and door




Bought a Nissan re-built engine on Ebay for $510.00




Finally got it painted




Put the engine in




Got it running




And ready to finish the interior




and this is how it sits today




Won't be long now before it's back on the road.


Thanks for looking,



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Thanks for the nice comments about the wagon.


To answer your questions:


I won the engine on Ebay and that just happened to be the winning bid of $510.00. I thought it was cool.


I have two 200SX intakes, one that is mostly stock with only the EGR removed that has the red cover. This one included the idle control valve and fast idle and has the stock Red cover. The other has been modified to remove the idle control, EGR and moved the fast idle to the other side and has the shiny cover. This was on the car when I bought it and the idle was not good. Since I have AC on the car, I wanted to used the Idle control to help stabilize the idle when the compressor is running.


The shiny cover still needs alot of work to look good in person.

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The wheel is from a 210 from what I was told.


The Green was mixed from the stock color code using PPG paints. My painter shot several different mixes as samples before we agreed on the color. If you need the color code I can get it, but my advice is to get samples sprayed before you pick color since there was significant variation between different brands of paint. The BASF paint was not even close and the PPG color looks better than stock. Of course, it is clear coated and the stock color was not.

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Got my Experimental Engineering Header installed over Christmas along with a 2 1/2" mandrel bend exhaust. I had the headers modified to remove the standard flanges and replace them with V-bands. I went with dual mufflers to keep it quiet. Pictures follow:






















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The following are some photo's of the engine bay with the header in place. They are really nice on the VG 510 since they really open up access and take less room than the 200 SX cast manifolds. And the best news is that it runs MUCH better than before and will easily hit the rev limit without me noticing any drop off in power.






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  • 5 months later...

The tank was built custom to fit the wagon only. I assembled the fuel pump and mounted and tested the assembly and everything seems to work great. Now if it just fits in the car.


This is the internal baffle to prevent starvation




Views of the fuel pump assembly





Outside with the pump mounted. I ran the pump to circulate the fuel before mounting the tank as a test



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hey break those two up.... we cant have two bad ass green wagons fratronizing.......


.ps my greengoon... u cant amp any higher than the top...for wht its worth..


both .ur guys wagons are top notch both of u , i hope mine turns out half as nice as these....

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Got the tank installed and fuel lines re-worked and everything fit well enough. The following is a picture of the tank with lines ready to install. The large line is the vent line which I pipe into the vent fitting off the filler nozzle.




I cut out part of the cross-member to run the supply and return lines and the electrical line to the front of the wagon.



The next two photos show the tank in place. The wires hanging loose are for the fuel float level. I wanted to make sure they were wired correctly before so I left them loose until I could check the gauge.






Finally, I was able to remove the old inline pump (280ZX pump) and this cleaned up the hoses and wiring quite a bit.




So far I'm very happy. The pump is completely quite in the tank and there are no leaks. And it looks so much better than the old wagon tank.

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