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trying to piece together my truck


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so my friend gave me a a gas tank out of a mighty max with an intank fuel pump... it works i dont care. i just want the truck to run. now i have the problem of too much gas being pumped in. any ideas on how to fix this. i need to have it running before school starts in sept, or my parents are going to have it towed out of here. i dont want to lose this great project. its opened my eyes to other cars and trucks besides mustangs and lifted trucks.




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There's no way a High-pressure, Fuel-injection pump is gonna work. You MIGHT be able to find a low-pressure in-tank pump, but it would need to have the same tank access hole size as the in-tank pumps are almost always a unit. No idea where you would find one. Nissan never made a low-pressure in-tank pump, they were always external even if electric. In-tank pumps became vogue with EFI systems. Possibly a late 80s carbbed pickup, like an Isuzu. But I don't know.

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