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DIY turbo pistons

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Pardon me for generalizing but;


Orlando = crack


Crack = crackheads


Crackheads = DIY turbo pistons




Um....Ed, can you stop grinding that big ass pipe and come over here. I need some help with my turbo motor.



How to thread:


After I stuck a piece of 2x4 and some rags under the motor, to try to stop it from wiggling back and forth on the oil pan, I found out the hard part was to grind the exact same amount off each piston without hitting the top of the block. Don't forget to take a deep breath and blow all the grinding dust out of the cylinders really hard so you get it all out

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I give him a C for trying. :P


At least here in the tweaker capitol it wouldn't have been put back together because they would have moved on to taking something else apart.

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yeah but it hasnt been run yet


bit of sand in the intake, he hasnt even done that yet, you watch they'll come up a treat. the silicon content in the sand will harden the pistons too i swear


For turbo you want silicon free (or close) aluminum pistons. Adding more silicon content would make them hyper eutectic and much too brittle for turbo abuse.

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I worked at a bike shop that did a lot of 2-stroke dirt bike motors. It's common to see a 2-stroke burn a hole in the piston if you don't have the fuel mixed right. We had a motor that we opened up to find a wood screw in a hole in the piston. It had carbon on it so it had run that way.:blink:


I also worked at an automotive shop and had a guy call and ask how to get the rods on his pistons. He was rebuilding a 1500 Triumph motor and after asking a few questions we learned the pistons where already in the block, he wanted to know how to go about getting the rods on.:eek:

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