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Takin the Datsun for a ride...literally


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So as part of my job I have to keep up on the maintenance of the colleges '99 Freightshaker Century Class truck.



I do get a few perks.

I have to take the truck up to La Grande to the Freightliner shop to have a parking brake valve and a windsheild replaced.

I get to take my Datsun with me:D!

I need a ride back from La Grande so, instead of having the wife follow me up and then we drive back, I load up the Datsun onto the 40 foot flatbed, unload it in La Grande and drive it home:D





So, I am gonna get paid to drive my Datsun!!:cool:

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Is the Datsun is so small they have to put concrete blocks on it to keep the trailer from blowing away?



The blocks are for added weight when I am training people. The trailer used to have 14 on it for a gross weight of 79,500 pounds. 12 of those blocks are in the other trailer. Its a 48' dry van. These last 2 would not fit because it would have put the weight over 80,000 which is too much.

During the summer all the big wigs from Pendleton like to have the truck in parades and stuff so that is why the flatbed stays empty and the reason for the hay bales too.

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Cool!!! Speaking of trucks (big) and Datsuns...... Did You guys ever see the picture Mark took of His truck backed up under the tongue of a trailer??? Maybe He can post it here if You haven't seen it before. I believe He took it at the wrecking yard where the trailer was parked and if I remember correctly, it was the only parking space left so He just backed under it.

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