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A10 280zx strut swap

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Hey guys,



I am having rubbing issues with the zero offset wheels I bought for my 78 510/stanza,and I have been told that a swap of a set of 280zx strut housings,and brakes would do me a lot of good in helping this issue. Has anyone on here ever done this? If so could you give me a comprehensive list of the parts I need,and the steps I need to take to get this done. Also if you have done this can you say fro sure that this will alleviate some of the rubbing I am having with the 195-50/15's on a zero offset rim that I am using,or should I just bite the bullet,and sell the new rims,and get some with the proper offset? Where is a good place to get the strut housings from a 280zx,and what years should I be looking for? I ask because there isn't a whole lot of parts cars where I live,and even if I do find one it will most likely be very rusty,and not something I want to mess around with removing 30 year old fasteners from.

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For the 280ZX struts, the 280ZX wheels fit perfect. So use that offset I think it is 30mm offset, but not really sure.


I think there is little difference in the offset. We take the late 510 (A10) struts and put them on Datsun 1200 to get the larger brakes. Or conversely we take 280ZX struts on the 1200 for ventilated brakes. The same wheels fits. Pics and infromation here: A10 Strut Swap.

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