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1980 Datsun 210 (120y B-310 ) L20b swap, Help needed!

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Hi All


I'm gearing up for my first big project, my 210 sleeper.


At this point I've got :


A 1980 Datsun 210 (120y B-310 ) 4 door that runs great with a A14


A sweet rebuilt L20b


Someone to borrow a cherry picker from


A shiny new Ratsun decal for my back window





What I don't have:


Much background on different Datsun/Nisan models and how they fit together




The plan:


So far my "plan" involves swapping the L20b in along with a Z tranny, but this is where I get stuck.

I'd like to use a Z tranny, but I need to know if it will fit with the L20b and if the gear ratio will work.


I also need to know what drive shaft I'll need, I've heard that the drive shaft from the 1978-1981 510 with L-engine

or a B310 Sunny (1979-1982) with automatic transmission will work since they're shorter, I'm wondering if the 280z drive shaft will fit?


Any special bell housing match up weirdness I should be looking out for?


I'm trying to come up with a junkyard/shopping list of parts I need to do this all at once.



Any and All help/schooling is welcomed, and If you've got something to sell that I need for this project and live in WA, Hit me up !


I'm planning to post a thread for the project once I get all the stuff together.

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OK here we go this is what you need for the swap...

68-73 pl510 front cross member (direct swap for oe)

automatic driveshaft (the splines are the same as the L trans)

long 5 speed and a drill (for the new mounting holes)

L radiator. (in your case look at 510 a10)


Your diff if a manual car will be 3.7 of auto it will be a 3.9 to 1 both will work as long as you are not drag racing the car. for a stronger diff look at 510 a10 or 200sx s110 but they are most likely going to be a wider housing.

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The gear ratios will work. It doesn't matter really except for fine tuning.



Z-car driveshaft won't fit. At least I never heard of anybody using it.


You need the short L-engine transmission. It will a) come up with the shifter in the right spot and B) work with factory B310/A10 auto driveshaft. This transmission came in 200SX and 510 circa 1977-1980. It is 26.3 inches long, same length as the B310 automatic.


For the engine crossmember, the A10 one bolts into the B310 and is for L-engine. I never heard of using the early 510 crossmember. That might work in a B210 (isn't that what you had Phil?) but the B310 is about 1.5 inches wider.


The A10 rear axle assembly is the right width and is the stronger H165 ring gear (165mm or 6.50 inch). But you can use the stock B310 axle assembly (H150, 5.9 inch) but go easy on it. It can't handle the full torque of a stock L20B.



Your best bet is to find an A10 and take all the parts, including transmission mount and bracket. You may have to make a simple flat-plate adapter to get the mount right.

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I got the 510 thing from Ddgonzal at the 1200 forum (who's car is in your avitar I think?) He says:


You will need an L20B transmission and all the clutch hardware that goes with it. Any of them that are about 26.5 inches long. There are also longer models, but you want the short one.


http://forum.ratsun.net is the place to ask about L-series engines and transmissions.


You do not need to fabricate the mounts, although you can if you want. This is a 100% factory bolt in process. You can get the mounts from a 1978-1981 Datsun 510 that came with L-series engine. You need the front engine mounts, perhaps they are part of the engine 'front crossmember' which is easy to change (4 bolts). Also may be needing the rear engine mounts (transmission mount) or maybe it is the same as what you already have.


And you need a driveshaft from the 1978-1981 510 with L-engine. Or from a B310 Sunny (1979-1982) with automatic transmission -- the L-series transmission uses this size of driveshaft.


Same for exhaust. Use the 510 exhaust, or have a muffler shop make it up. L20B require larger exhaust pipe, I suggest 1.75 in or 2.0 inch.

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Short F4W63 4spds. in the PL510 should fit as will the stock A10 L series. I believe the 610 and 710 are long tail. The F4W63 is adequate (just) for an L20B motor. If you plan more for the motor or if it is more than stock I suggest moving up to something beefier. Plus these are only 4 spds.


The only L 5spd that short is the FS5W63 from either a '77-'79 S10 or the optional 5 spd from the A10 if it has an L motor. Slightly stronger than the F4W63 but rarer to find and pretty much well used by now.


The truck and 280z/zx FS5W71B tranny would be much stronger than either of the above. I would suggest the closer ratio zx tranny with the monster over drive 5th gear. The torquey L20B would easily pull the small light 210 in any gear. However it is 31.5" long so a drive shaft shortening is likely but is a one time expense and allows any 620/280z/zx 4spd., or 620/280z/zx or Maxima gas or diesel 5spd to bolt right in. If you include a front case swap any '80-'86 720 truck and 200sx (S110) tranny could also be included.

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from my experience an L20 210/b310 or even a B210 they are awe inspiring. My 210 was faster than a friends ka24e powered 510 my B210 was as fast as a stock sr20det powered 510 and had torque too. The fun part is when some moron is pushing from behind and you punch it they cant keep up hehehe. if you ever line up next to a stock A powered 210 the difference is like the A powered car is tied to a post.

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