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Trans mount pic request- dogleg 521?


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Any of you cool cats who are running the 200sx dogleg trans in your 521 have a picture of how you modded the trans mount?


The stock 521 mount doesn't look compatible in the slightest. Some major modification must be needed.


Can it be done with out welding?


Love to see some pics!

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i met cool dude at the sd meet, bill.. anyhow he said,"i just grabbed the 521 tranny mount cut it short 2 inches, welded it back together then it fit perfect".


i can take a pic of my messed up mount tomorrow when there is light.. my friend did mines and its messy but it works

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Here you go Fisch!



Very nice!! So it looks like welding is required is pretty much a requirement for this swap.


Anyone have one they want to sell?

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Hey fisch,


That is how I did my 70 521 in the 90's. A little suggestion is measure cut and install it before welding. Support the trans with a floor jack, bolt in the 2 pieces of the mount and then adjust the heighth of the jack to get the trans where you want it, check the side to side of the trans and then tack the 2 pieces of the mount in several places, remove mount and finish the welding, reinstall finished mount. This will help to keep from binding the mount and having to force it in if you ever have to put in a clutch.

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