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6 lug to 5 lug conversion


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Does anyone know the best way to convert a 81' 720's standard 6 on 5.5 to a more common 5 lug?? Maybe toyota or chevy???



What is more common than the 6 lug 5.5"?:blink: Theres like 6 trillion rims out there and like 3 billion different vehicles that run this pattern.:blink:

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What is more common than the 6 lug 5.5"?:blink: Theres like 6 trillion rims out there and like 3 billion different vehicles that run this pattern.:blink:


No, the custom wheel market for these are marketed towards gangstas and their Escalades and Tahoes. So most wheels in that bolt pattern are 20"+ and no to negative offsets. Once gangstas start raping about wheels 16-18" with a least a +30mm offset on there rides, then the 6 on 5.5" wheel market will continue to suck.





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I will defeinitely have to tackle this same issue. More so to match the front and rear lug patterns. I cang bring a 4 to a 5 and a 6 down to a 5. The fronts are done via machining 720 spindles to accept toyota rotors. Whether you have someone machine them or buy pre-machined spindles is your choice. I had found some customs place in canada that sells it as a kit with rotors and all.


The only caveat to some of the rims at 6 lug is a fwd offset that fits right. As you said, most are rwd offsets. So swapping to a 5 lug actually gets you an insane amount of options.

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I don't like adapters on cars let alone trucks. I guess if it's just for show and you don't plan to haul, tow or use your truck in any way suited to a truck it's fine lol.


Machine shop can re-drill for cheap and you can get just about any studs you want from napa, just do it right.

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I've been running adapters on a number of vehicles for probably 5 years now. I've had them on my small block S-10 and one of my 620's. I trust them, I've drove on them one 600 mile+ trips, and hauled cars with tow dollies. The only problem I had was with a cheap set of adapters, the bolts were made of soft medal and I had to buy better bolts.



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Post number one for me... hello.


I two am after a 5x114.3mm stud pattern... because of wheel availability... here in Aus, the locally built Ford Falcon uses the 5x114.3 stud pattern, and wheels for them are cheap and available in tonnes of sizes and styles. A set of 4 16x7" steel rims runs for just $100, while a similar set of rims for a 6 stud vehicle costs 4 times that.


Anyone tried any of the Nissan 5 stud cars? I have a dual cab and a 1 tonner, both run different brakes but use the same hub, one uses ventilated disc, one doesn't


I think a Nissan Cedric (or 300C) uses the same bearing part number as my '85 720, and has the same 250mm diameter disc... disc offset I'm not sure of but doubt it would be different.


I am also wondering if the big calliper I have is the same as the S13... if so the bigger S15 calliper should bolt on?


I'm also looking for a decent disc rear conversion.


In any case, I have some options to investigate. Both utes cost me $200, and I have a load of work to do before I worry too much about hubs and discs, although I am trying to find out what I can as I go.


After I finish a few projects around the house I'll start on the ute project and post up a build thread...

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