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My new 510


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The real question is... how's it compare to the 1200?! Was sad to see you get rid of it! Looks like a fair comprimise, though... Beautiful dime!


Totally different, this Dime handles way different, has front and rear sway bars, stiffer coils, urethane bushings, and more room inside which I need, big guy and all:lol:

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nice score i almost picked it up PM me if you feel like letting me know how much you got him down to i got a 4k quote over emails and it was worth it to.....just once i found out it did not have the heater system intact in killed the deal for me (if this is the same car) think it was missing a door panel too hahah IM VEEERY PICKY ABOUT MY DIMES



BUT the cars nice im glad it went to some one in our community

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Thats a nice blue too, the color on your pics looks real close to my color , I have a cheap camera, maybe thats why my car came out that way


I like the black wheels with the blue exterior color. Do you have any close ups of the wheels. What brand, size, etc.?




the wheels are Work , not sure what model, they are 15x7 +25 offset, I'll post some pics soon , thanx for the compliment :)

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