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Feeling out the market

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as like most of us the dying market is hurtting the pocket book job hours get cut people backing out of deals blah blah blah.AS like most of us the moneies stop but the bills dont so then we are forced into saling our lifes projects just to cover some bills it sucks ass. I know I could get another job but why the fuck would i want to work 2 jobs:confused: so anyway one of my projects has to go and iam stuck at with which one to keep.


the 510 L20b 280zx everything that could fit. sway bars front and rear, moog cast/camber plates,coilovers (a universal type still needs to be mounted),drivers harness and more little odds and ends




or the 411 lowered running and cute as hell it needs a few thing like brakes and exhaust but it runs i need to change the clutch cylinder and it would drive




so if your interrested hit me up


also i am having a parts clean out saturday 7am-noon come check it out nothing will be over $10(except the tire and rims) and then at noon its off to the dump dont ask what i got because i have know idea lol



some of the stuff i got

complete l16 with trans

4speed trans

fart cans

wiringharness truck ones i think

starters,oil pumps,

6cyl dual s/u air cleaner box

and stuff


thanks all and i pretty frim on my prices:eek:

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