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Dual and single side draft sets for sale

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Well my L16 blew up the other day.... So I figure I won't be need my backup carbs since I'm going EFI. So here are my 2 sets. Make me a decent offer and they are yours. I don't really know much about carbs or these carbs. So I will explain them to the best of my knowledge.









The single side draft carb seems complete besides linkage. The carb when bolted on the mani doesn't seem to want to open 100%. It does when it's off so I think the phenolic spacer is for a smaller carb. I'm sure a little sanding would fix it or leave so you don't get a speeding ticket while increasing gas milage :D













The second set is a pair of weber 40's. They seem complete except on one runner they are missing a barrel thingy. I looked on EBAY and they are 30 bucks each. I also think I have a set of 4 in a box at Franks place but haven't checked yet. O and on the same runner the snap ring is missing that holds in the horn deal.... The manifold is a Cannon and the linkage moves both carbs.



Make me an offer or trade me some cool parts :D

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