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Drinking & Driving

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Cmon! You know you all do it!:fu: Onthe way to work in the morning or after your morning workout. Maybe on the way to drop off your kid @ daycare?:eek: Or if your like me you even do it in the afternoon after lunch or on your way home from a hard days work.


You get into your Datsun with a fresh Hot COFFEE and get ready to take off, but wait:blink: Theres no where to put it:confused: NO CUP HOLDERS! So after a few times of nearly wrecking cuz you got coffee in one hand cell phone in other you decide to do something about it:mad: I did. I went to my friendly auto parts store and bought a cup holder. The kind you hang on anything that protrudes out in your Datto. Problem is you put in your 24 OZ coffee drink and the cheap thin plastic bends (especially in our recent heatwave) and you av 24 oz's of hazlenut cinammon all over your floorboard:eek:


Now what I want to know is there any smart mofos out there that have come up with a solution to said problem? For me its a reg cab 620 with no cup holders. Please tell me about your genius ideas and show pics:D

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in my 1200 i had bought one of those center consoles from autozone and mounted it down. i got the one with the adjustable holders so you can get the drinks tight in there. you know, those tallboys are pretty top heavy when you are driving. :blink: jk if you have a factory center console in there, this probably wouldnt work.



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holy shit Doug! I can't tell you how many times I dealt with this in my 620, fuckin' drove me nuts! I had to wedge my lunch box and a circle-K 32oz. cup up against my coffee cup, which was up against the rear cab wall. There is still to this day a shit load of coffee on the floor of that truck.:lol:

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LAYEDOUTB2K, is that a Corolla console thing on your e-brake? That has a cup holder, that's good enough for me.


your guess is as good as mine. it was something that was laying around in our shop and it fit. but there is a small possibility that it is out of one. i always used that compartment for my phone and cigs so i needed something else.

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Not to toot my own horn but I think I might have the baddest cup holders on the planet. :D


I do believe that are right Datrod. For a cupholder that cool, i would toot my own horn too.:D


Doug, I have gotten very good at removing the floormat in my 620 to hose it out because of this problem. I havent found a good solution yet either. I have been watching for a early 90's base model civic to hit the yards. They have a little console that screws down and the lids pops up and two cup holder appear. Super clean when lid is closed too.:rolleyes: I just havent found one yet, only seen one in a customers car.:fu:

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That same cup holder that you hang on everything. Cut the part that hangs off of it. 2 self tapping screws through the bottom to where ever looks or is easy to get too. if you habit smaller cups a zip tie to keep the front from opening up in the curves. Done in my last 3 trucks.

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I use "nature's cup holder," which is your crotch! Also on my zx, a cup fits ok (depending on the cup) btw the center console and the passenger seat. If you flip down a zx's glove box door, there are two little "cup holders" but only if the car is sitting still and level.

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dunno what it came out of, but the PO stuck this in there. works great and doesnt tip, holds CDs, cups and change. really only use the cup holder part, sometimes ill throw some screws or w/e i have laying around in the cd holder part.




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