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320s w/ optional seatbelts?


Does your 320 have seatbelts  

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  1. 1. Does your 320 have seatbelts

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    • yes-custom made

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i was wondering how common factory seatbelts are on 320s. i dont really think i have seen any in all of the pictures i have seen. it seems like some people make there own if they want them. my nl320 has them so i was wondering if it was a rare option. i dont believe it was anything that someone made because it utilizes the seat frame and looks factory.

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anything built before jan 1st 64 the seatbelts were optional. after that they were mandatory. so if its built after 1/1/64 then they are stock.


i was thinking it was '65 but it had been a while before i had seen it. my NL(has seatbelts) is actually a very early '64 that still carried the '63 body while my L(doesnt have them) is a '64 withe the '64 body.


Can you post pictures?


ill try to get pics tonight. i keep forgeting to pick up batteries for my camera.

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Installed seat belts in my L320 this weekend and it went smoothly. For the shoulder mount I used a piece of wire to fish up the bolt from behind with the 3" washer and a toothed lock washer on top of that. The lock washer caught and the nut tightened down hard with having to have a wrench on the back end. 

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