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I need a measurement

Guest DatsuNoob

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Guest DatsuNoob

Can someone please measure an L series oil pump/distributor drive spindle for me? I need an end to end measurement. From the pocket of the female side (oil pump end)to the outside edge of the male end (dizzy end). Any help here would be great. I'm trying to see if it's longer than a frontier one, and if I can swap the drive to an L series one for the purpose of running a 240sx dizzy on a truck motor. Thanks :)

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Im trying to do this too.


The sock shaft is about 9inches long.


I think there are two or three ways to get it on there.



drill the hole in the timing cover bigger and dont use a dizzy pedistal.

Use the KA24e shaft its only ~7 inches long.



buy a 83' 280zx shaft 9inches long and has the splined end on it.

get the 86.5' - 90 truck Z24i dizzy and use only four of the spark plug spots or try and fit a ka24e cap on it.



Use the 83' 280zx shaft with the ka24e dizzy and make a custom pedistal.



I am trying to do #2 if you get a source for the shafts and teh dizzy let me know I need them.



What ECU are you going to use? the U12-ka24e stanza?




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Guest DatsuNoob

So the back one is the KA24e one right? Looks longer, but I think I'm gonna need the longest one available, and possibly notch it out myself to fit. What kind of engine and distributor are you running this pump shaft idea on? To answer your question, Avery, I'll be using the code 28 A/T ECU. Atleast I think that's what I got, cant remember exactly. I wanted a little more freedom at the rev limiter, plus a couple people said it'll never work, now I want to do it just to make them look dumb. I helped out on a friend's AT to 5spd swap in a 1st gen eclipse, and we used the stock A/T ECU with no problems at all. I just hope that it wont do the dreaded random cut-out that some people experience using different ECU's. Lemme know how it works out once you get your parts together

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The back one is the stock 68' small body points dizzy with the stock L16 drive shaft. The front is a KA SOHC drive shaft and an KA SOHC dizzy.


What engine are you going to run this setup on The 240sx SOHC dizzy should be pretty much the same as the truck dizzy if not identical.


The late 82 and 83 turbo 280zx drive shafts are the same length as the Stock L16/18/20 and have the splined end of the KA dizzy.


Im using the Stanza U12 KA24E ECU its got an 8 bit prom chip that is easy to swap out like the DSM stuff.

This is it with a flash chip.



There is also an NVSRAM daughter card. This allows full realtime tuning though the consult port(nissan diag cable). No turning off the engine to burn a new chip.


I built one using the plans on hybridka.com

Once I get the distrubutor on there I will run the ecu for ignition until I build an intake. I have every thing but the splined pump shaft in the right lenght. I will be going to the junk yard maybe this weekend and get a new front cover and screw with that.




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The ka24de frontier dizzy should work with the 240sx ecu.

He may have some trouble getting the timing just right.

people on Hybridka do this but they usually have to move the drive shaft a tooth. And they bitch about it all the time.



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Guest DatsuNoob

Zuum510 and I looked at it today from the back view of the timing cover, all mocked up, and decided that the gear that drives everything pretty much has to stay put, and almost any adjustment in the length of the drive would change it's location. I got an idea, since I now have two frontier dizzies. Why not cut the splined female end of the distributor off on a spare, try to get the cut end splined at some machine shop, and use it as a lengthener for the distributor that will be mounted in the timing cover. It will fit into the female end of the distributor, and the new female end will fit into the drive spindle. Sorry if that's confusing. It just may be worth a shot.

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Why not cut the splined female end of the distributor off on a spare, try to get the cut end splined at some machine shop, and use it as a lengthener ....


while your doing all this, make me a custom oil pump primer.

extend the end out of the dizzy hole and remove the drive gear so it fits my drill :mellow:

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Like mine?




I have a pair of 9" spindles but they don't have the spline end. The 3 splined end ones on the left are from KA24E and Z24i and appear the same and are 6 58" long. The middle three are likely from L20B/Z20 or Z22? The longest ones I don't remember.



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I have been hunting the long splined one for a while.

I am hoping that the 280zxt from 82(Late) and 83 known to have the splined end is long like the two on the right.


I contacted "MY" Nissan in Salinas, Ca (the Rebello guy told me to call them). The Nissan guy at the parts desk, Robert I think it was, told me that they are $88. They need to be ordered from Japan but they should be able to get them.


I posted on hybridz a while back looking for one and finally got a response. I have paypal'ed the guy and I'm now waiting on the spindle. I will take pictures and measure it when it arrives. It should get here this week.


Im pretty sure the middle spindles in the picture are from Z series engines without EFI controlled ignitions.

The Long ones on the right are from any L series without EFI controlled ignitions.


The ones on the left are from KA SOHC or Z series with EFI controlled ignitions. These all had CAS disks in their dizzys.



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