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FS: WORK equip 01 2 13x7 and 2 13x8 and more

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Alright, I decided to go with an engine swap on my roadster and can no longer keep these because I'll have to upgrade my brakes which means I wont be able to use 13"s at all.




I'll get newer pictures when I got home but one has some damage I was going to fix and the other a small touch up, as for the rest they are clean. I decided to offer them now cheaper then I got them for so I can get a RB20. I really hate to let them go.


Price $500 + shipping, pm me your zip and I'll get you the shipping cost.




I'll be adding the rest on, will be some roadster parts mostly.. So if anyone might be interested in an complete R16 and transmission let me know.

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$500 for all 4?! maybe i suck at reading (im tired) but if thats right thats a fantastic price! really wish i had it to spend. good luck with the sell!:)


Yeah, I paid 600 for them. I hate to let them go but wont fit on brakes I plan to upgrade to. I figured I'd give the ratsun crowd a crack at them for a cheaper rate as I wana see them on another Datsun.

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What are the offsets?


Offset on the rears (8in) are 0 and offset on the fronts (7) are 12 I believe, all I know is the rim has about 8" on both mounting points to the back of the rim.


Got the pictures taken, let me get them to where I can upload them.



http://s690.photobucket.com/albums/vv263/foxyroadster/ all the rims, I've not even got to polish them yet.

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