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86 720 Carbureted - Lots of Potential


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I found this site thanks to my son Doug, Twodoordime.


He convinced me to buy the truck. It is a 66 K mi basic 2.4 manual with carb, not running well at all.


White paint is starting to peel but the body is straight and the interior is like original including the owners manual. Truck overall and engine are completely unmolested.


I think the running issue is the carb. After installing a new battery I got it to start - lots of smoke at first which tells me it sat for a few years. It would start with diffeculty, rev a little, idle smootly sometimes then die. When I pumped the carb I saw no fuel squirting into the carb throat.


I drained the fuel tank and put some fresh gas in. I removed and checked the fuel filters, fuel pump, and lines then reassembled and tested. Got fuel to the carb.


Pulled the carb which was pretty dirty in the float bowl. The float needle was stuck almost closed so that's why it wasn't getting much fuel and the primary jet was almost plugged. Everything else looks ok except I found a broken external connection between a small vacuum part and the throttle linkage. It looks like the broken connection has to do with the choke system. Before I try and fix that I will see if it passes smog. In CA it's very diffectult to pass smog if there is any aftermarket motor stuff so I won't be going the Weber conversion route.


In case I need it I did find a carb rebuild kit for $65 plus shipping on line.


I also found it has about $270 in backfees - the fees you get charged anyway by the CA DMV for failing to register your vehicle each year. So the carb fix better work or this is a parts truck.


If I can get it running good without spending my life and a fortune doing it I will leave it pretty much stock except for the aftermarket wheels and I will add a dock bumper/tow hitch.


Will post a pic soon. Any comments or suggestions welcome.


Ray in El Cajon

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and some of them even came true (Mark Twain)



I have a RUNNER and even the air works. So my worries were for naught (still have to pass smog). Put the carb back on, fiddled with the idle and starting a few times. She finally got all the systems going and runs GREAT!


I don't think I will ever buy another truck.


Now all I have to do is change the fluids, fix the gas guage, do some paint and probably replace the good looking but 18 year old tires.

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Thanks herc.


Put about 150 miles on my little truck until the fuel pump filter pretty much plugged with rusty stuff. Also found I had a vacuum leak where the manifold facuum fitting screws into the manifold. I found the vac leak when I was searching for the reason why it was starving for fuel when I accelerated :rolleyes:.


Anyone know where is a good place to buy the in-pump filter, carbureted?


I think the 150 miles did it some good as far as getting most of the systems functioning. Even the fuel guage seems to be starting to work. But not the temp guage too well yet - however that may be related to a stuck thermostat cause the coolant doesn't seem to get hot even when I have been running for a while.

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Yes, Loz I might have to buy a few more. (I do have a sorta beat up 521 in the back yard waiting for me to "finish" the 720)


Since cleaning the fuel system including the carb, recleaning the fuel pump filter, fixing a vac leak, and just this morning finding a partly disconnected coil wire I was pretty optimistic it would pass smog which it did this afternoon.


BTW I found a replacement filter at the local Nissan dealer and on line at thepartsbin.com.

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