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Tesla Grand Opening

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Tesla opened their fourth store this weekend, in Seattle.




Their Roadster model is worth buying: it's beautiful, zero emissions ... and HIGH performance. Friday and Saturday, some customers raced their Tesla Roadster at PIR (as part of the Wayland Invitational), including a reported 12-second quarter mile from the new Roadster Sport. The regular Tesla Roadster ran 13-second 1/4s.


The only street-legal electric car to beat the Teslas was the purpose-built drag racer White Zombie Datsun 1200 (world record holder).


Datsun and Tesla at PIR saturday



There is only one problem. The Tesla Roadster is $109,000. That's fine for some folks (they've already delivered 500 to customers) but not exactly Ratsun style. But we Ratsuns are not without hope: This kind of zero-emissions performance can be yours for maybe $10,000 if you convert a Datsun 1200, like Wayland has done. His 14-second Datsun EV powertrain can be duplicated for an estimated $5000.

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Very cool. When I lived in the Bay Area, I used to hear things on the news about them as a start-up company. There was is a vid on YouTube where they tested an early production car out at Altamont Raceway. If I had money I'd be dangerous! Sign me up. I want one!


What is wrong with the the corporate auto companies! Tesla guys launched this thing with not that much money. Probably the marketing budget for Ford Motors.


I have been dreaming about finding an NL or a 520 in a barn, mostly intact, and put a hinge on the bed so I can locate the battery pack. Hey, it's a dream! In my dream, the truck is lowered with fat tires and looks like an old skool Nissan NASCAR Craftman Truck kinda thing. It has a starer motor out of a 747 and does ten second ETs.


I would Love to have an plug-in electric to drive to work and around town. It would only take about seven or eight grand with a motor controller and motor system, maybe a couple grand more for batteries. I'm sure with my mechanical and fabrication skills, I could build an electric car or truck. I know I have a step learning curve in terms of learning about technical info and general electrical and electronic information. But it looks like a bunch of different individuals have been building plug in electric cars for a number of years. If I had any money, I would convert my 620 to a plug in electric! If I had money I would e dangerous!


Here is some stuff I found a couple years ago:






There are all kinds of companies doing this stuff but these guys are twenty minutes from me:




More stuff to trip on...





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We were diving up the road just West of the

Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks ago.I saw two Teslas

on the side of the road nose to nose.I couldn't stop,as

we were going the opposite direction.

A guy I work with asked me if I wanted to see a

picture of his step Brother's new car.Turns out it was

one of the two cars I saw.They were doing a photoshoot

for the company.

I also saw an article in the local paper.It seems that

there's a lot of fighting over who the founder of the

company is.Two guys are fighting over the bragging rights.


- Doug

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