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electronic distributor HELP!


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hey every body i think i should introduce myself before getting to my question im new to the forum just picked up my seconded 510 project 1973 4 door with a L16 motor any ways......

i picked up a electronic match box dist today its from a 1980 pickup (code d4k8-08) i think and didnt get the pedestal that went with it is there any way i can make the stock L16 pedestal work


ps i tried searching for an answer and wouldnt find one

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watch my timming chain install vid on olddatsuns.com

line motor up to TDC install distributor where it land will be your #! plug wire

go 1 3 4 2 counterclockwise fire order.


just C clamp the timming plate distributor down till you get a pedastall

time it topsay 10Deg BTDC


Dammit Hainz! Timing, not timming! :D

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