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81 napZ motor and trans in 69 510 wagon


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My best friend has gave me a 69 510 wagon with a 81' napZ motor w.trans out of a 81 Dat. wagon that he never finished. My younger brother and I are having problems finding what kind of webber carb and intake to use and what to use for a exhaust manifold.


The eletrical is getting close to being done as well. I have seen that some people have used the KA rad in there Dat. too, and would this be good for this car? Looks like the inlet and outlet are on the side I need.


If anyone has any suggestions on what to use for the intake and exhaust it would be great.


This is my sons first car and he love's the Dat. like me!


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If it has a stock carb and exhaust then run it. Way easier and runs good.


If you have to have a Weber get a 32/36 with auto choke (or manual if you prefer) But make sure it has an electric idle cut solenoid to prevent run on when shutting off. You don't need a special manifold but you will likely need an adapter plate between carb and stock manifold.


Only exhaust manifold that will fit is a Z20, Z22 or Z24. Forget header they are $150 for loss of low speed power and 1 1/2 hp gain at 4,800 RPMs. (Z engines don't rev much over 5,000 anyway so save the bother and expense and get a stock manifold.


The 510 rad should work... just buy a couple of hoses with bends in them and route the upper over to the driver's side. The early 620 up to '74? had rads with the inlet on the right that would work on yours.

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