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Found, used or made y wing bolts for an L series or really any datsun motor? Seems like it would be nice to have if you wanted to adjust lash on the fly or show off valve train at a show etc...


I was thinking of buying a cheap v8 set and re-threading them.


That sound dumb to anyone? lol

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The bring their trick cars to the car show on a trailer...




Idk there has to be a legit way.

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Well my car will never be a show car, I was a rat even before I came here lol. Just saying I thought it would be a cool option to have, pulling your valve cover any time any where.


Thanks for chiming in guys. I guess the concussion is go for it if you don't mind weeping oil, or bring a tool.

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If you have to adjust your lash that often, you have problems!


Leave them off and just stick to what is on it now for trouble free operation. Those things look hokey as hell on anything but a solid lifter drag car.


What next, a "Foot" gas pedal?



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