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L series goodies?

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i got hit in the rear of my old Datsun again but this time its going to get parted out its too far gone to save this time so its time to sell off some parts.

this is the engine i was going to put in but no Datsun=no need for the engine

sorry for the pictures i have a crappy el cheapo camera all item are negotionable on price make an offer i am easy to work with and i have been collecting this stuff for years and storing it away and have no idea what it is worth i am in North Carolina

the stuff on the crank and block is white lithium grease to prevent rust while being stored away the block and crank have never been assembled since the machine work was done 2 or so years ago

L20B block bored 30 over with new pistons and rings and wrist pins all bearing caps (were they came from in the right direction)new freeze plugs L28 turbo head bolts (only tourqed one time since bought new) L20B crank cut 20 on the rod journals and 20 on the mains with connecting rods












Datsun O.H.C valve cover almost polished out




dellorto dhla 40 most all linkage i have never run them so i have no idea of condition




200mm 6bolt L20B flywheel needs to be surfaced








i still have a few more parts like a new never installed air filter for a 32/36 with top and bottom cast that says Redline on the top a A87 colsed chamber head that has been gasket matched ports with about 12000 milse since rebuild with unknown aftermarket cam ready to run (made good power on stock L20B bottom end long tube header many other heads of varying conditions and castings front covers just all kinds of stuff what do ya need i probably have it front sump oil pan i think from a five ten not sure cause i am into the trucks and i cant use it











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I am interested in NOS vent window rubber and inner front bearings for a 521. What the hell throw in a new kingpin set and a pristine dash while you're at it.


oh wait... the seller's account doesn't even exist any more!!!!!  :rofl: 

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